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Music Search

Music search engines are websites that allow users to get information on where specific songs, artists and albums can be found online. Upon keying in the name of the artist or band, the music search engine then lists down specific URLs (Uniform Resource Locators) of web and blog sites where you can download or listen to that artist or band's songs.

As digital music technology progresses, music search engines are also evolving to offer more services to consumers. Some music search engines have radio-like functions, which allow users to categorise their search results based on genre and sound. Some music search engines that have embedded players even have a playlist feature, where users can save lists of their favorite songs to allow easier playback. There are also music search engines that stream music and allow users to listen to tracks and albums.

Types of music search engines

Music search engines are generally classified according to the services they offer. Some music search engines offer more than just providing you with information on where you can find specific songs and albums. Some music search engines also suggest and recommend tracks and artists who sound similar to the band or song you're searching for. This music search matching is done by a computer program that analyses the sound patterns or focus traits of songs.

The program analyses focus traits such as rhythm syncopation, vocal harmonies, instrumental proficiency and key tonality to determine a song's musical match. Music search engines with this music search matching function are useful especially for consumers who are looking to expand their music collection and explore other artists and bands.

Not all music search engines provide links to where free downloadable songs and mp3s can be found. Some music search engines also function as social networking sites, where users can listen to streaming music and connect with other users. Music search engines with social networking functions are also good venues to get music recommendations and explore new artists and bands.

Music search engines and copyright issues

A lot of music search engines are criticised for their blatant copyright infringement by providing free music downloads. This is true especially for tracks and albums of artists who do not give legal permission to access their works. Some founders of music search engines argue that they cannot be sued for copyright infringement because their websites are technically not the hosts of the free music downloads. Rather, the URLs and websites that show up in music search results are the ones that give access to free downloadable tracks.

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